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What We

Kids Above Everything is a media arts mentorship organization. We integrate mentorship and media arts education to cultivate relationships, authentic learning, and opportunities for self expression and community engagement. 


K.A.E works with youth ages 13 - 26 who have creative leadership abilities and potential, and who face obstacles to social emotional wellness and academic success 

Who We Serve

How We  Work

  • Relational - We form real, deep and continuing connections with youth and their families.

  • Culturally Competent - We work in communities where we live with students who share aspects of our life experiences so that we can be authentic and responsive to all we serve. 

  • Community Based - We integrate our services into the fabric of our community - schools, youth sports organizations,  and community organizations - in order to meet youth where they are. 

Mental Health & Wellness

At Kids Above Everything, we are dedicated to fostering the mental health and wellness of young people through our comprehensive support programs. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where youth can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. With the guidance of Jessica Wilson, our licensed therapist and wellness coach, we offer personalized care and expert advice to help children and teens navigate life's challenges.

Our B.I.G. Homies mentorship program, specifically designed for youth ages 13-26, pairs participants with experienced mentors who offer support, guidance, and inspiration. Through this program, young individuals receive the tools and encouragement they need to build resilience, develop healthy relationships, and achieve their personal and academic goals.

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. By emphasizing mental health and wellness, Kids Above Everything and the B.I.G. Homies program strive to create a community where youth feel empowered, understood, and valued. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our children and teens.

Mentorship and media arts education are the backbone of our organization. We offer essential services to youth through a variety of programs, each which is customized to meet youth where they are in their communities and their lives​

Our Programs


Big H.O.M.I.E.S
Mentorship Program

Exclusive mentorship program for young men ages 10 to 26, focusing on personal growth and life skills.


Media Arts Enrichment Programs

  • School Enrichment 

  • Sports Media Enrichment

  • Media Arts Internship & Apprenticeship

  • Media Arts Workshop


KAE Youth
Employment Program

Media based summer job opportunities for youth looking to gain valuable work experience.

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